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Question 01.‘Cumbum Panneer Thratchai’ grapes, which received G.I tag recently, is from which state/UT?

  1. Odisha
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Karnataka
  4. West Bengal

Question 02.Which country conduced the ‘International Aviation Safety Assessment’?

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. Australia
  4. Russia

Question 03.Which country is the host of the first-ever ‘Global Buddhist Conference’?

  1. Thailand
  2. Singapore
  3. China
  4. India

Question 04.Which armed force launched the Regional Pollution Response Exercise ‘RPREX-2023’?

  1. Indian Army
  2. Indian Navy
  3. Indian Coast Guard
  4. Indian Air Force

Question 05.Which country has declared a drug named ‘xylazine’ as an emerging threat?

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. China
  4. Sri Lanka


Answer 01. [Option 2: Tamil Nadu]

Tamil Nadu’s Cumbum grapes, also known as Cumbum Panneer Thratchai, recently received GI tag. It constitutes 85 percent of the grapes grown in Tamil Nadu.
The Cumbum valley also called Kambam Valley, located at the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, is known as the ‘Grapes city of South India’.

Answer 02. [Option 2: USA]

International Aviation Safety Assessment was conducted recently by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US.
It found that India meets every international safety standard. As per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), India’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) category will continue to be published as Category 1.

Answer 03. [Option 4: India]

The first-ever Global Buddhist Conference will be hosted by India on April 20 and 21. It will be organized based on the theme “Response to Contemporary Challenges from Philosophy to Praxis”.
It will cover subjects such as Buddhism and peace, environmental crisis, health and sustainability, and the preservation of the Nalanda Buddhist tradition, Buddhist pilgrimage, living heritage and Buddha relics.

Answer 04. [Option 3: Indian Coast Guard]

The Regional Pollution Response Exercise, RPREX-2023, was launched recently by the Indian Coast Guard.
It will assess the preparedness of the oil exploration companies to handle oil spills and marine pollutions.

Answer 05. [Option 2: USA]

The United has declared that the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl combined with xylazine – an animal tranquilizer is an “emerging threat” facing the United States.
Xylazine is increasingly being used in illicit drugs and it is seen as a threat due to its role in the ongoing opioid crisis.

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